“This may sound strange, but for years I’ve pretended to be a funny comedian.  I know how wrong it is, but there’s no commitment to the audience and nobody gets their full ticket’s value. “

I know the line in the trailer is different, but this is what I heard.  Hey, look, it’s another cheesy Adam Sandler romantic comedy!  We haven’t had one of those in a while.  And look, it’s Jennifer Aniston!  She’s hot!  Ew, she’s wearing glasses.  She really let her self go.

*Aniston rips off her glasses*

Holy shit she’s hot again!  And look, the hot girl Tweets!  She’s like every other attractive lady in her 20’s!  Oh man, this whole trailer is making me LMFAO.   What else could make this better?

*Kid’s head lands in Adam Sandler’s crotch*

Best.  Movie.  Ever.

The trailer link:

Just Go With It Trailer

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