February 10

Media: Unstoppable.

Music: Anthrax, We’ve Come for You All.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink: Yogurt. Tuna. Chicken cutlets. Not at once. Lots o’ juice.

Family: A little bit.

Friends: Got to see some of the old cigar shop cronies. A good lot.

Work: Kind of an off day. After a good bit of administrative stuff the focus went more to getting a few DVD reviews in order.

Art: No.

Goodies: Nah.

Screenwriting: Some on The Colony.

Projects: Spoke with one of the big boys I work with. Looks like myself and possibly the rest of the Atlanta crew might be heading East. Far East.

Minutia: I won $100 on the video ‘gambling’ machine.

Activity: Was sore from softball but still did my little battery of weight stuff.

Shrink’s Chair: How a group of grown men who have played competitive softball together for a decade can’t get registered in time is beyond me. Luckily, a greasy man saved the day.

Asshole of the Day: The woman who insists on having the most venomous and cancerous attitude as we sit and play our little electronic slot machines. Negativity is contagious, bitch.

True Trivia: I got to watch the girl who was known as Mara Jade in the Star Wars promotion circuit get dry humped and fingered in public.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: My last Friday in Atlanta for a week!

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Out of a Possible 5 Stars

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