After weeks and a dozen articles linking her to the project, Charlize Theron has finally signed onto Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, according to Variety. The news comes with a disappointing lack of heart-grabbing about how she’s upset this or that director by her negotiating.

There’s no word as to who she is playing, and no further details on the plot.   Speculation had her playing some kind of kickass Ripley type of heroine, and I’m sure that’s probably close to the truth.  I just hope she doesn’t muscle in on too much of Noomi Rapace’s screentime.

It’s hard to picture Theron in Ridley Scott’s world though.  The “Alien DNA” I picture involves the icy and hard life we saw throughout the Alien films.   I like Theron a lot. I know she can get grubby, but it has (Oscar statue or not) been the exception in her career.  And I haven’t seen her do any convincing action.  But between this and her role in Mad Max: Fury Road, she’s clearly eying a badass reinvention, and I will thoroughly support her in that.

Word has it there’s still two very big parts to cast in Prometheus.  I hope we get some snippets of plot then.  It’s so hard to write “Yeah, they will be awesome!” when you have absolutely no idea what they are playing, and in what context.   I love not knowing; I just wish I didn’t have to write so consistently about not knowing.