casMany viewers of Lost wonder how the fat guy can stay so fat when shipwrecked on a deserted island*. Maybe the reason why Lindsey Lohan is in talks to star in the new version of Swiss Family Robinson is that her emaciated frame is the perfect look for someone living off of coconuts and rainwater.

Moviehole is reporting that Disney wants one last dance with the actress while she’s still a teen, and are pursuing her for the story of a family in the 1800s who get trapped on an island. Jonathan Mostow, the man behind T3: Retread, is directing.

"Mostow recently finished re-writing the script by Greg [Poirier]", a scooper tells the site. "Linday’s just talk at the moment…but that’s someone they want. It might depend on whether she’s happy to be part of an ensemble, and not the headliner"

There are quite a few who are blaming the failure of Herbie on Lohan’s constant presence in the tabloids (although that didn’t hurt Tom Cruise so badly), and you have to figure at least some of those people are inside Disney, trying to save their jobs. I don’t know if the studio is interested in being in the Lohan business again, but if they are the surely doomed actress should take the job, as it will put off her appearance in a Skinemax movie by at least six months.

* the answer, for those not paying attention, is that they’ve only been on the island a month at the end of season one.