STUDIO: New Line
MSRP: $19.97
RUNNING TIME: 98 Minutes

The Pitch

“A love story for the terminally ill from the director of Leonard Part 6.”

The Humans

Jean Reno, Mercedes Ruehl and Polly Walker.

The Nutshell

Rosanna (Ruehl) is sick. Her doctors say she’ll die any day now. Until then is alive and full of vigor. She has one dying wish – she wants to be buried in the town cemetery.

However, the cemetery only has three plots left and in this small Italian village you can’t put money down early to reserve your plot. So, her husband ( Reno) does everything he can to keep everyone in the village alive as long as possible (or conceal their deaths) so Rosanna can get her dying wish. Along the way they tease a love story between Reno and Walker who plays Rosanna’s sister (and that’s just weird).

Jean Reno wonders: “Why does Batman get a cool car and I get this piece of shit?"

The Package

The package is as weak as a dying lady’s grip. The only extra is the trailer. Ooooooo. New Line went all out with that one.

One nice thing – you can watch the film in widescreen or pan-and-scan. I like this feature a lot, especially for movies like this. Widescreen is still getting acceptance outside the serious movie watcher. This eliminates the need for two different disks and satisfies everyone.

“Hey! Scusi. I’m out of f*cking wine. How about a little help?"

The Lowdown

For Rosanna isn’t that bad. The plot is ridiculous but the movie is played as farce more than emotional drama. Keeping the movie light and fun is the only thing that saves it. This movie would have been utter hell had they played it straight.

The movie often felt fresh and the actors seem to enjoy their work. Reno most especially. He latched onto the comedic elements of the role very well. In his performance you feel the love he has for his wife through the bizarre things he does (like being a traffic cop after Mass, taking cigarettes out of people’s hands and putting someone back on life support after the doctor had pulled the plug).

This isn’t the type of movie that someone should rush out and purchase. But, if comes on HBO one rainy afternoon, it might is worth your time.

“No, I’m telling you, it is a fool proof plan. We tell the press that his last name is Schiavo. They’ll eat it up."

5.25 out of 10