It’s always fun to write a massive, in-depth look at the state of 3D in an attempt to find the nuance in the controversy, and then see the next day’s headlines fill with “3D blows! Fix it!” headlines. Whattayagonnado?

In any event, my ultimate conclusion in “The Revolution Will Be Stereoscopic” was that 3D is definitely not going anywhere, so this may turn out to be a useful hack for the ardent hater of 3D. Coming from Tested and embedded below, the video is a demonstration of how you can bust up two pairs of polarized theater glasses and turn them into a pair of 3D-to-2D glasses. Essentially you’re creating pairs of glasses that each only see one of the polarized fields, thus returning the film to 2D without any of the blur you encounter when you watch the film with naked eyes.

Of course, the Tested guys don’t mention what the effect of only seeing only half of the projected fields has on the viewing experience, so I can’t tell you for sure that this trick won’t make the movie look even shittier (it certainly does nothing to counter-act the lost brightness). So there’s a strong chance you’re going to be the dumbass who walks into the movie theater with fucked up glasses and still gets a headache because you’ve thrown off the projection frequency for yourself. Or you become the dickhead trying to pry your glasses apart during the trailer, while the studios still count your 3D ticket as another vote for the format.

You know, I think this is actually kind of retarded. Maybe just don’t go to 3D films if you don’t like 3D? That seems like it makes sense. If your friends drag you there… maybe get better friends? If you’re in a pinch though, have at…

Tested (via Badass Digest)