I think Paul Verhoeven’s Hollow Man gets more mileage as a joke source around here than just about any other bad movie about an invisible Kevin Bacon, so this news should provide even more gags for DVD screen caps.

Sony Screen Gems has a sequel to Hollow Man in the cards, which I’d actually heard about months ago but then seemed to disappear (a-hyuck!).  The follow-up, likely planned as a low-cost B-list flick with only peripheral ties to the first film, is being directed by Claudio Fah, who proved he could stretch a budget to impressive lengths with Coronado (a fun flick I reviewed HERE).  Maybe he’s got another role for Clayton Rohner!  The guy deserves more work. 

And they’re not stopping with more crazy transparent hijinks, either… they’ve got a sequel to Road House in the pipe as well.  There isn’t even a writer attached to that one yet, but here’s what I’d do: slide Swayze (I bet he can make room on his schedule, unless there’s more Dirty Dancing sequels coming too) into the “mentor” position vacated by Sam Elliott and find some hotshot young bouncer to take on the rowdy bruisers at some new dive.  And I’d also put some hot chicks in there, because I’m like that.

Sony adds these to a list that also includes yet another sequel to I Know What You Did Last Summer that’s currently in the works with some buff twentysomethings on the run from another killer (I think the working title is I’ve Got a Pretty Good Idea What You Did Last Summer), and they’ll probably all go direct-to-DVD since, let’s be honest, that’s where the real cash is found anyway.

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