For about 23 seconds a while back, it seemed like Paramount was possibly veering from their new paradigm of Remaking Everything in favor of something completely original.  I can’t for the life of me recall what the project was, but it must’ve happened.  Maybe it was just a dream sequence.

Anyway, the studio has decided that the world is a better place with a remake of Summer School instead of a Watchmen movie.  Let that sink in for a few moments.  And ponder why we’re cynical around here.

The 1987 comedy, which is actually still moderately amusing without necessitating an update, was directed by Carl Reiner and starred Mark Harmon as a gym teacher (named Mr. Shoop!) who spends his summer stuck tutoring English to a group of high school misfits.  While it counted the still-working Shawnee Smith and Courtney Thorne-Smith (no relation) among the students, most people probably remember the FX-obsessed horror fanatics Chainsaw and Dave.  Ah, Dean Cameron, where have you gone?

Paramount (who JUST YESTERDAY announced another remake) has writers Kyle Pennekamp and Scott Turpel working on a script, which according to Variety “will cover the chaotic summer season in high school life, centering on a hard-nosed teacher aiming to be the next principal and the student who becomes his nemesis in achieving that goal”, a plot that sounds different enough from the original to wonder why they’re bothering to call it a remake.  But then it wouldn’t be a remake, and hence would not get made by
Paramount.  Ah, Hollywood logic.

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