We stuck with the American Top Gear for a little while, but ultimately you can’t beat the original- still fresh and amazing after more than a dozen seasons. We have high hopes for the US show to progress into something special, but until then you can enjoy the gold standard in the sharpest fashion possible by winning Top Gear Seasons 14 & 15 from CHUD.

We’ve got a Blu-Ray copy of both seasons and we want to give it to a great chewer- the greatest possible. I’m going to make this a fairly simple contest, which you can win by fulfilling the requirements below.

To win…

1. Send an email to THIS ADDRESS, making sure the subject line is “CONTEST – Top Gear”

2. Attach to the email a photo that you’ve taken AFTER reading about this giveaway (I’ll be peeking at meta-data if it’s there, and I’ll probably default to a photo that has it for the winner). I don’t care if it’s a gorgeously shot pro photo, or a camera phone pic, but shoot something. There are no criteria, except I don’t want to see man ass, or man dick, or poop, or shit. You won’t win anything with that kind of a picture (unless it really is impressive, and then you’ll win everything).

Make me laugh, impress me, show me a window into your day, whatever… just send me a cool picture.

3. INCLUDE your Name & Address in the email. Don’t forget and send it in a second email- you’re fucked if that happens.

Good luck, and if you’re impatient, feel free to go ahead and nab them from CHUD! Here for 14, and here for 15.