I started this article a few weeks ago and got so caught up in my incredible life that I forgot to actually write it. Actually, I’m just dumb.

The American Top Gear is not great. It’s not even very good. But it’s better than it started out as and as a massive fan of the British incarnation I was seriously critical of it. We all were around here. But as the season moved on I found more and more to like and feel that if given a chance to grow and find they’re way it’s a worthy addition to the landscape and it’s not like they overwrite what the UK show does. It’s just… MORE. More isn’t always bad.

Plus, we’re more boring as a culture than the Brits in some ways. The hosts of the British show are very special. Very sharp. And with very defined (and now somewhat stereotyped) personalities. I like the idea of giving the Yanks time to develop their craft into something special.

And they’ll get their chance, as Top Gear USA was renewed for a second season. Good for them.