Wan – adjective –  Lacking in forcefulness, competence, or effectiveness.


James Wan’s a director whose best film is Death Sentence, which isn’t dogshit but it is akin to a substance that could feasibly have been found in or around the posterior of a mutt. His best film is still almost a steaming nightmare. In addition to the Kevin Bacon/Garret Hedlund near-atrocity, he directed Saw. A film which created a cottage industry built around stealing money from 20-somethings and setting a genre back twenty years. He also was a producer on many of its subsequent installations/inflictions. Good for the wallet, bad for the soul.

But he’s a good businessman and I’m sure he’s electric in a pitch meeting. Plus, look at his hair. How are we even supposed to try and compete.

Icon Entertainment apparently loves him, locking him down to an eight picture deal to produce two horror films a year for the next four years [MATH].

So I guess the quality of the films will be up to Saw standards, since they projectile vomit one of those a year. I see no reason for these chaps not to unload underdeveloped ideas in pairs annually. He may even direct one provided enough human sacrifices happen somewhere.

I’m all for people making the best lives for themselves. I’m all for people who see an opportunity and take it. It’s not like he held these people and gunpoint or put them in some dumb over-designed trap that forced them to sacrifice something they love to escape from. They willingly made the deal.

It just sucks. You know, because his movies all do.