February 9

Media: MacGruber (still fun). Due Date.

Music: Mark Knopfler, The Ragpicker’s Dream.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink: A little Cuban sandwich.

Family: The little gentleman was in full effect, taking the shortest nap ever and being the delightful little firebrand he always is. Sofia’s once-frozen and now fully hatched and thrilled butterflies kept her busy.

Friends: Steve came over and was a dude. We played some MLB and discussed his possible new job.

Work: OK. never enough. Not a lot of CHUD content, but a lot of progress on various things both invisible and tangible.

Art: No.

Goodies: Healthy foods and stuff to be hauled away next week as I work from a clandestine location all week.

Screenwriting: Some on Chaos Blooms.

Projects: Hurry up and wait.

Minutia: I got a massive stack of great DVDs and Blu-Rays to give away.

Activity: First softball practice since the fall. It was amazing. My bat was electric, somethign i feared since my golf swing is as bad as it’s ever been. I hit a bomb about 345 feet, hit the fence on a line, hit two booming doubles, and a screamer that hit the fence a foot left of the foul poll, and played decent defense. I now remember what that empty feeling was the past four months or so.

Shrink’s Chair: I wish the best for Devin and all the other people who I can’t stand and can’t stand me. Who gives a shit? Life’s too short. I hope they all have terrific lives. Not my concern.

Asshole of the Day: The fellow on Facebook who I don’t know who constantly chats me up about nothing. I finally unfriended him in the middle of a conversation. He didn’t know what CHUD was and had no explanation why he keeps IMing me. Fuck off.

True Trivia: I once did a 720 in my Honda on a wet road going about 60mph just to see the reaction on my friend’s face. We were like 18. It was classic, priceless, and so fucking stupid. The world would have been short this site, a pizza deliveryman, and possibly a Coast Guard lawyer (who was in the other car watching it happen) if any one of a million things could have happened during that dumb stunt.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: I’m not looking ahead!

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