A Mirror on You.

I closed the talkbacks. Such is life. I campaigned hard for them. I still think they can work, but the majority of the mail I’ve gotten since closing them has been so positive I might have trouble justifying it. Shame. I’ll miss comments like these:

Comment #3 (Posted by Andrew Ward)
“I live in Atlanta” says so much about the women
described here and the thoughts of the person who writes these
increasingly sad blogs. Harry Knowles started his site with the curtain
completely pulled back. As it’s getting pulled back over here, the
“cool” of Nick Nunziata has faded into the reality of a very small,
very narcissistic, man-child.

Thanks! I didn’t realize that living in Atlanta makes me a horrible person. I also didn’t know I had some veneer of cool. I’ve always laid my cards on the table in the past, though I’ve not in recent months for good reason. At least you used either your name or a realistic sounding name.

Comment #11 (Posted by Ryan)
Your wife just found out you have Down’s syndrome?

My wife has known since we first started dating in 1992. I can only imagine how fucking feeble you were then, just knowing how feeble you are now.

Comment #2 (Posted by SleestakVaginaFace)
I love the blogs on CHUD, I would never know what bitter internet-failures think without them. Keep up the good work Nunz!

Bitter? No. Failure? Hardly. Lemme look at your name… SleestakVaginaFace. OK, I definitely put a lot of weight in YOUR opinion.

Comment #1 (Posted by Saul McKee)
God you are scum.

Why do you hate God?

Comment #3 (Posted by an unknown user)
I hope you die Nick.

You will get your wish someday.

Comment #4 (Posted by jib)
What is this shit – is it supposed to be some
joke? Regardless, it’s not worth the bandwidth. Nick, you’ve been
swallowing too much of Devin’s cum and it’s gone to your brain. You’re
killing your once awesome website with this shit.

Devin’s been drinking a lot of pineapple juice, so…

Comment #10 (Posted by Parental Load)
Nick, you talentless needy fuck, I change my
stance. Keep doing these shitty comics. They truly are terrible but the
talk backs for them give me such a great laugh every day. Also, I print
these out to use as toilet paper. Your talent vacuum is ten times more
absorbant that Charmin.


Comment #4 (Posted by SleestakVaginaFace)
Wow, simply awful. That dino took a shit on the moon like you’ve taken a shit on your own site. Good Job!!

Um, he shit THEM. He ate them and shat them out. That was part of the brilliant amazing punchline.

Comment #9 (Posted by jib)
Chud used to be a good film website with
interesting articles, news and timely reviews. Now, it’s a big
festering pile of shit. I only keep coming back because of their
history and my hope that they might turn things around – but if
anything, they’re getting worse. Get your shit together guys, you’re
only embarrassing yourselves.

My little stuff is value added stuff, not replacing anything that existed so go piss yourself.

Comment #14 (Posted by JustJohnny)
Nick : is the rumour true that you’re a billionare
or Bob Evans’ secret son? I ask because Why else does this wretched
stuff keep on coming up here??
Read the Constant Comments,it’s not like with Devlin, people aren’t
arguing bitterly, they’re just saying your stuff stinks Over and over
again. Please please Listen. If this is an Andy Kaufman excercise-and I
doubt it-It’s been done and done.
Stop this infantile garbage. It’s giving infantile humour a bad name

Who’s Devlin?

Comment #18 (Posted by Alfalfa)
I did these kinds of bullshit comics too when I
was fourteen. Guess I should have saved them. I could have my own colum
on CHUD. I get the feeling that Nick thinks Mad Libs are the height of
comedy. Fuck You, Nick.

Mad Libs, when done with the right friends… ARE THE HEIGHT OF COMEDY.

Comment #20 (Posted by ArtemisFucked)
Guys find alien… wonder if its hostile… it
shits (?) on them. I don’t want to pile on to the admittedly hilarious
negative comments, but why is this on CHUD again? This isn’t the CHUD I
know. Maybe I’ve just blocked the memory of RON but the site always had
an edge with, you know, reviews and news and stuff. That’s sorely
missing. What is the problem here?

RON was great.

Comment #2 (Posted by Dead Lee)
Not as awful as the first few, but of course still
incredibly juvenile and at about the level of a 10 year-old. I think
after eight, the big question is whether or not Nick realizes these are
bad and is doing it as a joke on the talkbackers just to spike traffic
and stir the pot? Or does he actually think they’re good and
worthwhile, however unlikely? The one clue has been that YT, one of the
message board folks that’ll drop to her knees and suck Nick off
whenever he begs his followers for an ego stroke, jumped onto one of
these talkbacks and quickly patted Nick on the head like a special
needs teacher congratulating a pupil on, say, not vomiting this time on
the swing set. If she’s not in on the joke, who is?

Don’t be talking about YT. She’s beyond your scorn and better than anything you know.

Comment #18 (Posted by CHudfan)
Not fun or funny. Nick and his superfriends need
to spend less time on crap like this and more time reviewing or
covering movies. You shitstains are internet reporters not “talent”.
The sooner you asswipes realize you are not creative enough to be
“talent” the sooner you can go back to your fucking jobs. Quit wasting
our time assnuggets and have a nice day!

I have talent and once I find it you’ll be sorry!

Comment #11 (Posted by The Ghost of Dave Davis)
The problem with Nick is the same as it’s always
been – just because you’re a fan, doesn’t mean you have talent. You can
understand what makes a good rock
what makes a good comic book, what makes a good movie, what makes a
good novella or what makes a good cartoon strip, but taking that
knowledge/comprehension and applying it to actually creating something
new is the hard thing.
Having a few dozen sycophants who will worship whatever your output is
doesn’t help you get any better, either.

Dave Davis. Words that I used to love hearing. I miss thee.

Comment #10 (Posted by 11 Testicles Attack)
Ah, the latest in a stream of soon abandoned ego
projects released to deafening apathy by the multi-talented and
completely talentless Nick Nunziata. Have you ever seen ANYTHING
through to completion, Nick? Anything?

EGO Projects? Huh? They’re projects. Whether you like them or not is left to be decided [well, not in your case because you’re a fool], but they’re simply projects. Pardon me for trying to turn ideas into something real.

Comment #20 (Posted by Art Monkey)
These are actually starting to piss me off.
There’s an art to the three-panel strip, an art that many people
(including me) spend years learning and refining, and The Bitter End is
a perfect example of what you get when somebody who thinks they can be
funny just starts churning them out with little thought. This style of
comic isn’t easy, and there’s an arrogance in the way that these
half-hearted scrawls are being presented – the above-the-heading links,
the removal of critical remarks – that simply isn’t justified by the
amount of effort being put into the work. Ron, for all its flaws, at
least had a style and pace of its own. There was potential there. This?
This is just infantile crap, barely even worth a thread on the message
board let alone a regular front page slot. You can’t just scribble down
half-baked punchline or non-sequiturs and expect people to
automatically treat the result with respect. Put simply, The Bitter End
needs a LOT of work before it’s worthy of a public audience. Someone
who was serious about what they were doing would realize that.

It’s harmless. Go fuck yourself.

I go, here’s the latest thing I’m adding to the blog. Each day I’ll
have a song, a piece of artwork, a photo, a Mary Worth, or something to
further justify your click and to give the trolls a little more ammo.
Today, another song from The Lucky Nightsticks’ 4th CD,
Lobster. This one’s called Waste Away:

Waste Away by The Lucky Nightsticks

Keys, Percussion, Vocals – Nick Nunziata / Guitar – Steve Murphy

- Nick Nunziata still missed the talkbacks a little.