Creating a children’s comedy must be the worst thing ever. And when I say “children”, I mean the tender age of 10 when everything involving the body is hillarious. Even worse must be making the CGI/Live Action ones, which have proven to be pretty awful overall. Do I need to remind you of Scooby Doo 2? Yeah, I didn’t think so. However, the trailer for the Russell Brand comedy Hop really suprised me. It was only slightly crappy. Which is a pun, because there’s a lot of crap jokes in this trailer! And am I the only one who thinks Russell Brand sounds weird as the slacker Easter Bunny? Eh, it’s all right. All my doubts can be erased by baby chickens. Why chicks? Because every children’s movie needs to have the fun minions to sell toys! And it’s a pun! Get it, chicks? Chicks?

The trailer link:

Hop Trailer #2

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