STUDIO: Buena Vista
MSRP: $19.99
RUNNING TIME: 110 Minutes
• Recruitment Video
• Video Game

The Pitch

“It’s Power Rangers meets Men In Black with Jackie Chan-esque fights.”

The Humans

Brandon “Red Ranger” McLaren, Chris “Blue Ranger” Violette, Matt “Green Ranger” Austin, Monica “Yellow Ranger” May and Alycia “Hot Ranger” Purrott

The Nutshell

It’s years in the future and Earth has allowed aliens to live and work among humans. Most aliens are good but a few want to cause havoc and bring giant plastic machines down from the stars and destroy miniature models of cities.

That’s where the Voltron rip-offs come into play. The five Rangers (as part of Space Patrol Delta) combat the evil doers, which include big monsters and some freaky 10-year old British girl. Along the way the Rangers must learn valuable lessons like color-coordination, team work and leadership.

Warning: When your date has this look in her eye you should probably get your hand off her breast.

The Package

I’ve been getting annoyed with the extras on disks lately. Too many disks come out with the same set of extras and we are supposed to gobble it up. How many times do I need to see the same “Behind the Scenes” featurette with cast interviews? Give me something different.

This disk does that. Sad that innovation comes from the Power Rangers. There are only two extras on the disk and neither are all that great – but at least they threw out something different.

The first is a “Backstage Disney” featurette. I thought it would be the typical “behind the scenes” crap. But it wasn’t. Instead it is a Recruitment Video to get people to join the SPD. It is childish and stupid, but so are the Power Rangers. It made me chuckle and thankful for something unordinary.

The other was a video game played with your DVD remote. Again, nothing mind blowing. You aren’t going to invite other chewers over just to play the game. But, the fact that the put something a bit different on there is appreciated.

“No, man. Kermit is a lying puss-bucket. It’s easy being green. Damn Frog just milks the sympathy angle too much."

The Lowdown

It’s the Power Rangers. Either you are into it, or your not. Personally, Power Rangers are after my time. I’m more of a Voltron or Ultraman kind of a guy. I tried watching the Rangers once or twice and thought it was pretty wretched. I had passed it by. I’m sure had I been 7 I would have loved it. This DVD was the same. If only I was 23 years younger…

Honestly this disc isn’t that bad. It is cheesy and stupid, but not that bad. Maybe the memory of Father of the Pride is affecting my judgment. However, while watching it, I wasn’t completely repulsed.

Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t that good either. The acting is bad, the costumes are horrible and the plot line is laughable. Of course that’s all par for the course in Power Ranger land.

Now, if someone could release Voltron on DVD… then we’d be talking!

Someone make a He-Man movie quick and give Skeletor some work.

3.75 out of 10