When you put Christian Bale and David O. Russell into a movie, you’re asking for a bumpy ride. Put them together and the best you can hope for is that everyone makes it out alive. Unless that movie happens to be The Fighter, which seemed to coalesce fairly smoothly considering the ridiculous egos involved, Russell’s tendency to piss the hell out of his performers, and Bale’s history of being excessively upset about things his crew does during his takes.

In this case, you get a nice, little box office hit that’s riding its awards-wave ever closer toward that century mark. So, if you haven’t yet seen it, there’s still time to catch it on the big screen. Otherwise it won’t be long before you can grab a copy of it for yourself.

The Fighter hits Blu-ray, DVD, and video-on-demand on March 15th.

The Fighter Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack with Digital Copy and standard DVD both include feature commentary by David O. Russell and a making of documentary entitled “The Warrior’s Code: Filming The Fighter.” The Blu-ray/DVD Combo also includes “Keeping The Faith,” the real-life story of Micky and Dicky as told by family and friends, deleted scenes and a digital copy of the film.

They’ll probably be adding to that cover once it takes home a couple Oscars. But, for this initial release, you can grab the two-disc Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack for $29.99 retail, with the DVD going for $19.99 on March 15th.