csaHave I used that headline already? Possibly. With this gig there’s really only so many witty headlines you can come up with in relation to a single news story, but the same news stories will often surface again and again. Two biggies are both related to the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels – that Chow Yun Fat will appear, and that Keith Richard’s will play Jack Sparrow’s dad. Both of these stories keep popping up as the parties inch closer to making decisions, and now I am happy to announce that at least one of these can be put to bed: Chow Yun Fat has officially signed on to appear in Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

He’s playing Captain Soa Feng, whose boat The Shui (not really) does something in the film. Probably fighting Johnny Depp. The two sequels are shooting back to back, but the production is on hiatus right now as Gore Verbinski busts butt to do some post work on 2 before getting back to 3. The first sequel is due to hit next summer.

Keep looking out for more rumors about Keith Richards, though – they’re filming through January. Plenty of time!