We heard a couple of months ago that award-winning Star Wars editorr andd soundd designerr Ben Burtt was packing up his box of sci-fi sounds and leaving Lucasfilm for a new future at Pixar, but he’s also stepping behind the camera for an FX-fueled flick based on a comic.

Burtt will take a bite of cheesecake for a feature adaptation of the Hurricane book Chassis.  Set in an alternate version of the 1940s, the comic follows a feisty babe who pilots a rocket racecar, and deals with the shady businessmen and other dangers in the male-dominated corporate-controlled sport.

Other than the impressive bust of the titular character, what else made Burtt pick this book?  The setting for Chassis provides a wonderful escapism,” says Burtt, who’s previously called the shots on documentaries and a Young Indiana Jones adventure. “I see a hint of the same magic I felt when working on the first Star Wars and Indy films.”  And while the film will be live-action, the focus will obviously be on the zippy CGI vehicles, designed by Revenge of the Sith concept artist Ryan Church.  No doubt they’ll sound pretty friggin’ amazing, too.

The team is showing off a four-minute preview clip of the retro-futuristic flick at Comic Con next week, and since the whole CHUD cadre will be in San Diego for the chaos, hopefully one of us will catch it.

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