Monday we took a look at the Super 8 teaser trailer that premiered during the Super Bowl, and the trio of interesting frames hidden within it. What appeared to be a creature’s jaw, a billboard, and half of a date flashed in the super 8 camera’s lens at the end of the trailer- interesting, and expected from the campaign of an Abram’s movie. That’s not the end of the story though, as it turns out the upload of the spot on Apple Trailers has been periodically changing, with the end of the trailer containing new frames each time. Since the spot premiered there have been at least four changes, with a number of the new frames connecting to other, using a trio of white dots to indicate overlap. Naturally, all of these pieces are full of motion blur and noise, to the point that they are still remarkably vague. It does seem possible that the very mouth-looking mouth from the first trailer is just a mouth-looking zipper, as demonstrated by a user on Unifiction who has pasted many of the images together.


Another user has pasted them together a little differently (though I think they’re off a bit).


I’m not convinced though- who know what the hell random frames have been taken from the movie, and what minor details are being blown up. That still seems like a jaw to me (whether it belongs to one of the film’s aliens or not). Anyway, there are additional glimpses of the train wreck, the billboard, and perhaps more to come, so keep your eyes peeled on Apple Trailers if you care to keep up with this game. Here’s a collection of everything currently out there, including a confirmation that the date is in in September.


I think it’s great that whatever marketing crew is handling this has found yet another interesting way of putting this viral material out there. Fucking with uploads to a major trailer source like Apple manages to mess with our heads a little bit, since we consider that such a routine, unchanging source of material. It also makes the choice of backgrounds for their landing page (as seen to the right) kind of clever, or at least leading. As I mentioned in the previous article, Abrams and co. are fully aware of the battle for summer eyeballs that lay ahead, and I’m sure they’re prepared to wage PR war with more of these kinds of stunts.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)

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