February 8

Media: NONE.

Music: Anthrax, The Greater of Two Evils.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink: Had a nice sandwich. Had some risotto that Catherine made that was solid.

Family: Very little.

Friends: Pat and I had a smoke and a chat at the cigar shop. Saw my hairdresser Andrea, which was nice. She named her kid Oscar, which is awesome.

Work: Decent productivity (because I stayed until 9pm), but not as much as I wanted. Then I worked at home until 2am.

Art: I drew a head/car for the Prize of the Day!

Goodies: Blood’s a Rover, James Ellroy. The new Vanity Fair ‘Hollywood’ issue. Worst one in a while.

Screenwriting: No, unfortunately.

Projects: Long phone call with a collaborator. He thinks I need to go out to LA to collaborate, but if I go out there there’s so many people to see and so little money for me to travel, it’d be tough.

Minutia: Spent a lot more time on the timeline. I hope it’s well received.

Activity: A good bit. Looking forward to softball.

Shrink’s Chair: What I find attractive in a woman has changed recently. No longer do scars and a pronounced limp do it for me.

Asshole of the Day: I didn’t run into any assholes, so I’ll default to every piece of shit in the Duggar family.

True Trivia: Me and a somewhat casual friend named Shawn F. took shits in paper bags and tied fishing line to the bags and from across the street dragged it across as cars drove by. Eventually we lit them. Flaming, possessed shitbags. That’s what the drivers saw. Then we went into a sewer and just walked around. Why the fuck would anyone do that shit?

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Rocco gentleman!

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