A couple of weekends ago I got together with a few friends for a joint birthday hangout and we ended up throwing on Final Destination 2 as background. Of course, we were all soon enraptured by this very silly movie that features some great destruction, a ton of suspense and one of our favorite kid kills of all time.

Of course, that film was the high point of the series, and it’s been sliding down since then. But screenwriter Eric Heisserer (The Thing prequel, the abominable Nightmare on Elm Street remake) has hinted at a new scene in the upcoming Final Destination 5, via his twitter feed.

“Saw a cut of #FD5 last week. You guys are gonna love the deaths. Esp the lasik sequence.”

I’m just wondering who the hell is going to get laser eye surgery when they know death is after them. Tsk, tsk, people.

The series has of course done eye destruction before- nothing on par with a Fulci film or anything, but it’s gone there. It’s not like the films are doing anything innovative at this point, so let’s hope for some fun deaths. Final Destination 5 hits August 26th.

(Check the magnets…)