casSome girl goes missing in Aruba and it’s headline news for weeks. Rap superstar Notorious B.I.G., aka Christopher Wallace, gets murdered and the whole thing just sort of slowly sinks away.

Of course part of that could be because two LAPD officers have time and again been implicated in his killing, and now HBO is making a movie dramatizing that theory. This isn’t the first film about that – Nick Broomfield’s documentary Biggie & Tupac covered the same ground (check out my interview with Broomfield here).

The story goes like this: LAPD officers David Mack and Rafael Perez were in with the guys at Death Row Records and, on behalf of Suge Knight, hit rival Biggie Smalls. When fellow officer Russell Poole began investigating, he claims that then-chief of police Bernard Parks came down on him so hard that Poole left the force just shy of 20 years, losing benefits.

Why would Parks do that? Apparently a picture surfaced of his daughter with the two rotten cops…

And just in case you don’t think this is all cinematic enough, Mack robbed a bank and Perez stole coke from an evidence locker. They both went to prison. And people wonder why I feel the way I do about cops.

The HBO movie is going to star none other than Sylvester Stallone as Poole. I don’t really have any Stallone jokes – the guy strikes me as being one movie away from starring on The Surreal Life lately, and today I just don’t feel like kicking Rocky when he’s down. Try me again tomorrow.