This weekend was games night, which meant hanging out with friends and failing to win at any of the boards games or quizzes we decided to play. In an act of desperation I pulled out my party trick of being able to recall any cartoon theme from the late 70’s, 80s and 90s and even though this failed to help it got me thinking about my favorite Cartoon Themes. So yes, this a blog that is going to list my favorite Cartoon Themes.

To clarify though this is not my favorite cartoons, just my favorite theme tunes. .

Jamie and The Magic Torch:

In my opinion this theme goes beyond being a simple kids tune, It’s actually pretty damn amazing. From the opening haunting few bars to the sudden shift to prog rock glory this is a tune that goes beyond what it sets out to do and becomes a work of genius.


While Dangermouse is the superior show Duckula had the better theme. A Hammer Horror style opening followed by a pretty timeless tune. Duckula manages to get the concept of the show across and still remains memorable at the same time. If only modern cartoons could take a leaf out of this book.

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors:

I was not a big fan of this show but the theme lives due to it’s 80’s hair metal glory.  Lets be honest, you listen to this theme and you want to go out and fight the forces of evil.


Again with the 80’s hair metal I hear you cry, which is totally true and I ain’t going to apolguise for it. What we have here is is the perfect theme tune for this show and a big shadow for the new show to step out of.

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers:

I quite often have to sit through Disney shows while babysitting my nices and nephew. Listening to this theme again makes me wish they made shows like this for kids instead of Young Einstins.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe:

Ok pure nostalgia, this aint the best theme ever written but damn is it full of memories. It’s mostly talking but the it manages to be sutabily epic and give a taste of the sword and sciene greatness to follow.  Lets be fair anyone that knows me knew this was making the cut.

Defenders of the Earth:

The trouble with this theme is it promises a much better show than we actually got. The theme is pretty damn cool. Ok it’s mostly the middle bit about Mandrake but it’s still a great little theme, it’s just a shame the show sucked.

Ulyssess 31:

I don’t want to live in a world where this isn’t a good theme. Hell it’s a great show as well but again its that 80’s cheese that elevates the theme from good to great.  This is a theme that is crying out for a rock band to remake it.

Battle of the Planets:

I think i’ve saved the best for last, this theme is nothing short of epic. It’s boombastic, loud and really sets the tone for an all out action show. G Force (as it was called in the US) is pretty much the perfect example of how you should do an opening song. Not only does it explain the show perfectly it actually fires you up to watch it.

Ok so thats your lot, i’ve already embarrassed myself enough. But in the process I have had a lot of fun listening to these old themes and i hope you have to.