csaAgainst all odds, against all logic, the Highlander movie series continues on. I will never get to see Buckaroo Banzai vs The World Crime League, but I will live to see a fifth film in the headchopping franchise.

Adrian Paul, the star of the Highlander TV show, which is tailor made for people who find Stargate SG1 too "hip," is going to be producing the film.  "I always said I would never do another one unless I had more control over the final product," Paul said on his website. "Well, this time I am executive-producing it. Brett Leonard [Lawnmower Man] is set to direct. Be ready to see a new Highlander film that has the quality of [the] television … series, with a new sound and look for 2006."

A movie with the quality of a TV series? Zounds, who knew technology had advanced so?

The movie is expected to film in Eastern Europe, where they just don’t know any better.