February 7

Media: NONE.

Music: Listened to the new mixes. Could use some work. Worked on a Wizard’s Keys song called Shit Fight that is a minute and a half of delightful groove and aggression. It’ll be dug. Also recorded a drum bit for a song I want to do all by my lonesome. I may release an album of songs for tormentors to play to their quarry before the night falls.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink: Had one of my Planet Smoothie shakes and it treated my insides like Jimmie Walker’s career [he’ll be playing New Hampshire’s Flying Monkey Theater in March, BTW]. Had a chicken wrap that was fine. A low key day for food, though I did enjoy some Woodford Reserve in the evening hours.

Family: Very little, but Rocco was thrilled to see me when I got home after his bedtime and he was still awake. We need to hang out soon.

Friends: Poker gang. I didn’t play well, but I was aching to play darts with Johnny Mak. I then proceeded to treat him like Jimmie Walker’s career. Andrea was soon busted out on cards and then I treated the both of them like Jimmie Walker’s career [by the way, the intro page to his official site says “Dynomite!”].

Work: It was head down from 9-6:30 with no time for a lunch break. A productive day, even though Jimmie Walker was trying to punch his way out of my stomach and asshole.

Art: No.

Goodies: Some great screeners came in (Top Gear!), but nothing more.

Screenwriting: Yep! Plugging away. I already see how much trimming I have ahead of me.

Projects: The dude from yesterday liked my pitch. And then we didn’t correspond again. What gives? Spoke with the legendary sports personality Chris Dimino about his potential role on GUY.com. Also, that dude and I will write a baseball script before I’m too old to matter.

Minutia: I spent a good deal of time and energy coming up with a timeline for CHUD for a future article. I hope people respond to it, because it’s nice content… but also a pain in the Ulysses S. Grant.

Activity: I did some stuff with exercise bands since my big lunchtime trip to Lifetime Fitness was interrupted by my relentless and enviable work ethic. Plus Jimmie Walker was delivering bladder and colon haymakers.

Shrink’s Chair: I cannot believe how invaluable a tool Facebook is at showing me which of my relatives are batshit.

Asshole of the Day: The guy in the next office who closed his door in a huff when, after hearing his silly ringtone through the wall, I asked him if he just got an extra man.

True Trivia: As a youth I caught a baby water moccasin and raised it for a while until I had a terror on my hands. I then released it at a pond right behind a church. Twenty years later I caught a rat that was kicking my garage’s ass for months. I caught him in a safety trap using Stoney River’s (great steak house) potatoes au gratin and I drove him to a nearby church and released him.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Haircut. Some swings in the cage. A smoke with a gentleman. More of everything.

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