casHere’s some great news – the guys at FilmRot, one of my daily stops on the movie related web, are reporting that Ricky Gervais was on UK TV Friday night and revealed that his next film will be Christopher Guest’s For Your Consideration.

The film apparently will follow an actor and his entourage from the wrap of a movie to his wholly undeserved Academy Award nomination and the ceremony. And since it’s Guest, it’ll be a mockumentary featuring his usual stock cast.

What a great idea. Gervais’ The Office was one of the few examples of a successful non-Guest mockumentary (I might argue that Incident at Loch Ness is close to being another one, minus the very ending. Maybe Werner Herzog can appear in For Your Consideration), and the guy’s particular brand of pathos-laden comedy would fit in perfectly with the direction that Guest has been taking his movies. You’ll remember that A Mighty Wind had big chunks that were actually serious, and had a tone not unlike The Office Christmas Specials.

By the way, the whole concept of the new Guest movie sounds interesting, and like he’ll have more room for cameos from celebrities. One of my favorite aspects of HBO’s Entourage (besides the genius of Jeremy Piven) is seeing celebs show up and poke fun at themselves. Everybody seems to want to do that these days, and I am sure that Guest wouldn’t mind a movie that he can sell based on cameos by the likes of Brad Pitt after Break Like the Wind didn’t break any box office records.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for any further info, as will the good people at FilmRot.