It’s been a big few weeks for Captain America, as we were steadily treated to better and better looks at him, culminating in a new poster, and then a 30-second Super Bowl teaser. Nick’s already mined that brief batch of footage for the best thing it has to offer, but I think the general consensus is one of excitement and guarded optimism- Captain America could very well rule the summer and bring the luster back to Marvel if it’s any good.

Well now, as we wait for a full trailer to sift through in glorious HD, word comes that an interesting individual is working behind-the-scenes of the film as it nears completion. Devin and Badass Digest have heard from a Marvel contact that Alan Menken is composing music [song(s), not score] for the film. There is no human being living on this planet with more Oscar gold than Menken, a musician who won 8 individual Academy Awards for his work on the early-90s Disney hits (Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas). He wrote Little Shop of Horrors, much of Disney’s classic music, and is a general composing powerhouse.

Devin suspects that whatever Menken is writing will end up as diegetic material in the USO act that Captain America is briefly involved with, before Johann Schmidt starts cubing things up with his red fucking face. This sounds perfectly rational to me, although Marvel could just be looking for a spiffy-as-hell end credit song, or a nice piece for some other unexpected use. Regardless, seems like a pretty good idea to use that Disney hookup when you’ve got it at your disposal, no?

In any event, expect to hear some kind of memorable tune associated with the American avenger. We’ll keep our ears peeled for more information about his role in the production and the result of the collaboration if and when it emerges.

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