If he’s not ruining projects, he’s ruining posters. This isn’t the first time. This isn’t even the first time for this movie. But here we are covering it- asshole knows how to catch attention, negative or otherwise. At least The Godfather is old, well-parodied imagery. Black Swan isn’t even out of theaters before another film is trying to capitalize on the art. Parodies are fine, but this is another full, theatrically released feature film that is appropriating the marketing to sell itself on the coat-tails of a more successful film while it’s still around. So cheap, so direct-to-video minded. Well fuck him, a couple of dozen washed-out pixels buried below four layers of recursive hate is what this gets- you can go to IMP Awards if you’re terrible.

UPDATE: More Hate. Cinematical was given the great honor of debuting two more poster from “one of of the more creative (and hilarious) ad campaigns we’ve seen so far this year.” Indeed. One of them yells a joke from Rush Hour at you when you click it. Enjoy.

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