The Wrong Combs, Hollywood

Imagine my surprise to be sifting through Variety headlines and seeing the headline “Combs gets star on Walk of Fame“. I literally scanned through my memory banks trying to think of anyone they could be referring to EXCEPT Jeffrey Combs. I got excited and then clicked the link.

Sean ‘Puffy” Combs. Fuck.

There is no denying how much of an impact Sean Combs has had on pop culture, fashion, and music. He’s had some minimal success onscreen but his real value has much more to do with the other assorted entertainment mediums he owns. Call me a dunce, but I always mistakenly assume that the Hollywood Walk of Fame applies to film personalities.

Which sucks, because if it did there could be only one solution if a person named Combs was being selected. None other than Herbert West himself. Hollywood, you could go a long way towards evening the balance if you consider giving floor trophies to Combs, Tom Atkins, Wings Hauser, Bruce McGill, Colm Feore, Rick Rossovich, William Fichtner, Joe Pilato, Al Leung, and a nice posthumous one to J.T. Walsh.

My luck the next time they award a star to Combs it’ll be some sort of honorary star to the hairstylists behind the scenes of Sex & the City.

Puff, you’re the second best Combs in the business and don’t you forget it.

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– Nick Nunziata hopes Jeffrey Combs wins a Source Award.