While his last film Crossing Over was not well received, Wayne Kramer still has definite credibility for crafting The Cooler and CHUD favorite Running Scared*. Alessandro Camon is less experienced as a screenwriter (he’s got good producer credits for days), but his one major screenplay is The Messenger- a truly powerful script that gave birth to an incredible film. The teaming of these two is notable on any day, but it’s even more noteworthy when it’s on a project called Headshot starring Sylvester Stallone in a revenge spectacular that, according to THR, will “[lead] from the dingy back alleys of New Orleans all the way to the power corridors of Washington, D.C.”.

In what sounds like a more elaborate version of The Mechanic dynamic,  Headshot will team a hitman from New Orlean (Sly) with an as-yet-un-cast detective from New York city, their efforts united in a quest for mutual revenge. A lot of investigation and violent action is promised, with the two blazing a trail from the assassin’s NOLA home all the way up to D.C. and the Presiden’t lawn. Well, maybe not the President’s lawn, but if they have enough balls that could happen.

This will go in front of cameras a bit later this year in May, which means Expendoubles will be a late-summer/fall starter at the earliest. The deal is with IM Global, the same company (by way of their global division Octane) that will be internationally selling Kevin Smith’s Red State along with the films being produced by Paranormal Activity helmer Oren Peli’s production company, like Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem and The Bay.

The concept of Headshot is basic enough …(Anti-Hero + Lawful Hero x Righteous Fury) ÷ landmark hopping = success… but this all comes down to who gets cast alongside Stallone. Obviously Sly is well versed in assassinating ass in every conceivable action-filled scenario, but you’ve got to have an entertaining and charismatic dynamic between your murderous duo, otherwise you get Cop Out and no one is happy. Ultimately I’m pleased to see Wayne Kramer back in action, with his sights aimed at mayhem and backed by what will hopefully be a solid script. My fingers are tightly crossed for someone who is the opposite of bland to fill in that detective role though. This will be one to keep an eye on.

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*Feeling nostalgic for Running Scared? Revisit Nick’s DVD review, as well as Devin’s interviews with Kramer and Paul Walker.