If I’m going to judge movie fan buzz purely on my Twitter feed, the winner might just be JJ Abrams’ Super 8.    It has certainly made for the most conversation as opposed to the blink-and-its-over Marvel peeks.

In true JJ Abrams style, though, you still have absolutely no idea what Super 8 is about.    Something escapes. Lots of people know about it, despite the whispered warning to never speak of it.  The entire U.S. Army is called out. And there are tears.

It’s very very reminiscent of classic Steven Spielberg. But it’s Spielberg through the glossy lens of the 21st century.  Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. are so much smaller and grubbier in comparison. That reads like a criticism of Abrams and Spielberg, but it’s not.  I’m fascinated at seeing Spielberg interpreted by someone who, like us,  clearly grew up in his world and wants to write a chapter that fits in it.

Apple has the official version of the Super 8 television spot, but I’ve embedded the Hulu spot below for those who need a quick fix.   Sadly, it won’t be viewable to anyone outside of the US.  (Why Hulu? Why?) I’d happy put up a YouTube version but there doesn’t appear to be a clean official copy yet.