Gonna do what I can to stay on top of some of these big Super Bowl trailers, with some quick impressions…

First up- Transformers 3

Didn’t like the first one, haven’t seen the second, but I have to say this kind of worked on me (feel free to call me retarded for being an easy lay). The apocalyptic scale seems like a good way to wrap up the trilogy (I believe Bay when he says this will be his last), and the hydra-wurm-whatever-the-fuck creature eating up the street is pretty badass. The other mayhem seems like more of the same Snyder style speed-ramping applied to overly-complicated stunts thing that Trasnformer‘s trailers have always exploited. If word emerges that this one is actually coherent, then maybe I’ll catch up with the franchise and see how Michael Bay concludes his saga of fragmented metal.

I like the new girl better than Megan Fox already.

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