If you’re watching the Super Bowl, you’ve already seen this.

If you waited until they were all online, you were clever and shall be rewarded.

Here’s the first teaser for Captain America: The First Avenger.  It happened so fast — like all encounters with muscleheads — that I barely could focus on any of it.  Red Skull, 1940s, pre-painted shield, what all am I seeing oh is it over?

Bye, Steve, see you on your next shore leave.

It looks good.  There’s too little to truly judge, but I’m loving the skinny-to-strong Steve effect so much that I can forgive the corny tech-test with the shield at the end.

Talk amongst yourselves.

UPDATED: Check out some of the screen captures below the embed. Once this sucker is freeze framed, one can better appreciate the Howling Commandos and the Red Skull. You see far more of him than I initially thought, and he looks a thousand times better than I expected. Having Hugo Weaving’s cheekbones only helps that effect.

And Dum Dum’s bowler hat…what’s not to love?  This movie has all the elements of a good Cap movie, let’s hope it’s actually put together to make them worth watching.

Thanks to Draco Senior and Wadew1 on CHUD forums for those.