Film Weekend Per Total
1 The Roommate $15,600,000 $6,156 $15,600,000
2 Sanctum $9,225,000 $3,310 $9,225,000
3 No Strings Attached $8,400,000 (-37.4%) $2,754 $51,788,000
4 The King’s Speech $8,310,000 (-24.9%) $3,216 $84,125,000
5 The Green Hornet $6,100,000 (-45.5%) $2,011 $87,222,000
6 The Rite $5,565,000 (-62.4% ) $1,864 $23,677,000
7 The Mechanic $5,370,000 (-53.0%) $1,986 $20,080,000
8 True Grit $4,750,000 (-36.8%) $1,637 $155,012,000
9 The Dilemma $3,448,000 (-39.1%) $1,355 $45,740,000
10 Black Swan $3,400,000 (-33.6%) $1,720 $95,888,000

This just in: Is a big prog rock band making a comeback? Our sources say “Yes.”

The Roommate supposedly cost $16 Million to make, but  it’s also likely an opening weekend picture. Clint Eastwood gets credit for making films on time and under budget, I wonder if films like this get that credit as well. This though won’t get nominated for anything but Razzies. A PG-13variation on Single White Female – or All About Eve if you’re gonna get all technical about it – The Roommate came out at the right time and place to turn a profit. Critical word on the picture is mostly negative (in that even trash humpers like Nathan Rabin called it boring, and by trash humper, I mean someone who can appreciate a good piece of studio garbage if it’s just interesting enough… acutally I just wanted to type trash humper repeatedly), but that was always going to be the case with this. I don’t think word is going to get better or play to an audience that will recommend it as an experience (ala Obsessed), so it should get to around $40 Million.

Sanctum was more of a problem picture in that it came out in a weekend that suggests no studio support. It cost $30 and may barely get to that domestically. Basically, the biggest selling point was James Cameron’s name, which may get the film rented or something. He ain’t no Amblin, though. And if this were something it wouldn’t have come out this weekend.

As per good counter-programming, No Strings Attached hit whatever buttons it needed to, and has now crossed $50 Million, so another $20 Million seems likely as it slinks away. It’s solidly and quietly profitable.  The King’s Speech is less than two weeks away from getting to $100 Million at the box office, and is one of the stronger weekday performers. Because of old people. The Green Hornet is going to make it to $100 Million, but it won’t go too much further – at the end of the day, it’ll be outperformed by The King’s Speech. And in additionally weird comparisons, True Grit is only $14 Million behind Tron Legacy, and may yet lap that film. Currently Grit is the 15th highest grosser from 2010, and could get as high as #11 for the year (Tangled, which is now #10, is up to $192 Million, which is a hard line to cross, where #11 The Karate Kid – at $176 – is possible).

The Rite belly flopped like most horror, and dropped over 60%, while The Mechanic held slightly better. Both are over $20 domestic, and both will probably wrap up around $30-ish. The Dilemma looks it can limp to $50 Million, Black Swan should get to $100 Million next weekend (or slightly thereafter).

Out of the ten is The Fighter, which could hang on, and is over $80, but I don’t think it has enough life to get to $100, while it’s possible Yogi Bear will crest that in two weeks (it’s at $95 Million). Tron Legacy is down to a thousand screens and is at $168 Million, so it should get over $170, but that’s about it. As that was the supposed budget, and international is almost over $200 Million, those numbers suggest it’s possible the film will be in some way profitable if those numbers reflected how much the film actually cost. But Harry Knowles’s claims of a Tron 3 teaser on the DVD/Blu-ray have been debunked as the footage seems to be additional content for the feature film. Newly filmed and deleted scenes. Strange that.