Remember the Farrelly Bros? Dumb and Dumber. Kingpin. There’s Something About Mary. That is a trio of exceptional comedies. Since then they’ve been hit or miss but they’re still a comedy brand and capable of great things.

Tangent: Does anyone remember when this site was home to the official Osmosis Jones (a Farrelly film) message boards? Wow.

Hall Pass is their latest and it stars Owen Wilson sporting a bad hairstyle and SNL and 30 Rock‘s Jason Sudeikis trying to make the step into the multiplex as they portray two men whose wives (Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate) give them a week to have a tryst without penalty. The idea being that married men have the foolhardy belief that if it weren’t for their wives they’d be able to land mad tail. A bevy of attractive folks like Vanessa Angel, Alyssa Milano, Nicky Whelan, and Lauren Bowles add to the mix while the legendary Richard Jenkins helps justify the adventure.

I’m sure there’s a moral lesson here but my hope is that the Bros. have a winner on their hands. Plus, it was shot in Georgia and in fact at the Applebees across the street from the cigar bar I used to help out at.

Here’s the trailer, details on how to win passes for Atlanta and Charlotte below:

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