February 5

Media: Starship Troopers. Splash.

Music: Making mix CD’s for my friend Pat. First batch includes greatness from The Budos Band (whose concert tickets arrived in the mail today), Galactic (whose concert tickets Johnny Mak picked up yesterday), Particle, Medeski Martin & Wood, Stanton Moore, Robert Walter, Menahen Street Band, Soulive, The Sound Stylistics, and many more.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink: Boring ass borings. Shrimp skewers & and Turkey club. Newcastle. A little Captain Morgan’s Private Stock.

Family: Poor Sofia got hit with the sickness at like 3am. Puking until there was nothing left. She was really looking forward to her friend’s birthday party today and had to be kept at home. Little sad sack. There’s nothing like your kids being sick and beyond help. She toughed it out and all the while was so compassionate. Felt bad she was keeping her mom awake. Rough night/morning. We got to hang out and watch Splash together while Catherine and Rocco went out. Good stuff. Mom and I went to the book store and then did a little gambling. Good times.

Friends: Andrea came by the office and hung paintings and shelves for a stretch while I plugged away at the script for the short. Saw an oldie from the cigar shop. Had a nice phone chat with a great from way back.

Work: OK. I got some good writing done, ended up leaving the deathly still office building after 1am. Was worth it though, despite the sad, totally avoidable distractions.

Art: No.

Goodies: USA Today’s baseball preview & fantasy preview magazines. Royalty Free Clip Art books for the site(s).

Screenwriting: Yep! And now I’m realizing that this short may need to be 20 minutes.

Projects: Just maybe. Just maybe it involves something CHUD readers might find fun.

Minutia: This column has been about finding a discipline and sticking to it and I will. Originally it was because so many good ideas start with the best intentions and die on the vine here on CHUD, but more so because my damn brain is losing steam. I want to have a record of all the media I consume, the music I hear, the shit that inspires me. Because my entire existence has been about EYES FORWARD and not slowing down. Sometimes I’ve missed the scenery and I desperately need to make more a point of it.

Activity: Not much, though tomorrow I start a daily regimen that ought to wipe me dead. Or get me into fighting shape. Literally. There’s a martial art I’m thinking about taking up. Could be interesting.

Shrink’s Chair: So, a little drama bubbled up. My fault mostly, because in my naivety I thought that this little therapeutic blog would be a safe haven from folks who deeply nitpick anything I say for a reason to launch an offensive. I’ll learn one day. I’ve got a pretty good life. Great people around me. I’m not worried about a few navalgazers who hate me. Let ‘em hate. Tell you what, some really nice and mostly constructive communication happened today. Bucho, my very favorite reader, did a nice job of steering me straight (and innocuously rekindle my desire to have a pet tarantula) and Tati is always a force to be reckoned with. Rob and Chris, your emails were very heartwarming. As much ugliness these past two days have held, the beauty far outweighs it.

Asshole of the Day: Me.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Me and Steve. Rocking ass. The Wizard’s Keys in effect. Then a certain football game, which I will be watching for a very special GUY.com article we may debut on the Facebook Page on Monday when I show off the Frodesign Guy.com poster.

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