Sticking with what’s worked so far (modest budget + scares = cash), Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures has wrangled a cast for its latest production, which has imported Hong Kong movie brethren Danny and Oxide Pang directing (in Saskatchewan, of all places).

Currently known only as The Untitled Pang Brothers Horror Project (hey, I bet they change that), the movie has drawn The Practice legal hunk Dylan McDermott, Carlito’s Way dancer Penelope Ann Miller, Panic Room kid Kristen Stewart and really tall guy John Corbett into the mix. 

What’s it about?  The official line: An ominous darkness invades a seemingly serene sunflower farm in North Dakota and the Solomon family is torn apart by suspicion, mayhem and murder.

The movie, formerly known as Scarecrow but likely changed to avoid confusion with Batman villains and unwatchable direct-to-video slasher movies, was written by CHUD graduate Mark Wheaton (hey, Smilin’ Jack!), who put together pieces left by previous writers and Stuart Beattie (Collateral) and Todd Farmer (Jason X).

For those who don’t know, The Pang Brothers gained attention for their Thai crime thriller Bangkok Dangerous, about a deaf-mute hitman, before shifting to the horror genre with their creepy pants-soiler The Eye and its lesser follow-up.

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