cedwDid you check out my interview with Nick Frost earlier this week? We talked about his new DVD, Danger 50,000 Volts. It’s a collection of the first season (or "series" as they say in his homeland) of his TV show, where he is subjected to all sorts of dangerous scenarios so that he can show you how to survive them.

It’s a good show, one that mixes fun and humor with the sort of interesting tidbits that you’ll never use but make for great party conversation. At least I hope you’ll never have to know how to use maggots to clean a wound.

We’re giving away five copies of the 2 disc DVD set, which includes the special episode Danger 50,000 Zombies – guest starring Shaun of the dead himself, Simon Pegg – and other features like commentary. And this is going to be one of those easy contests – all you have to do is email me your name and mailing address with 50,000 (keep the comma! I am testing you) in the subject line. This is going to be a quick contest, so get those entries in ASAP!

This is a region 1 DVD and the contest is only open to people in the continental United States and Canada.

Send your entries to devin@chud.com – oh, and by the way, feel free to send all other kinds of feedback to that address too.