February 4

Media: Taken (so good when it’s not Liam vs. the Earth).

Music: Shuffle Mode on iPod.

Comedy: Doug Stanhope, From Across the Street. Mitch Hedberg, Do You Belive in Gosh?

Food/Drink: Pasta. Boring sandwich. Sweet Lucy Bourbon. Mango Hookah.

Family: I got the kiddos from the day care and enjoyed their flesh in the rain. Then we had a night of darts and hanging out with family and friends.

Friends: Renn and Andrea hung at the house. Then, I accidentally got to see Renn’s house when he had no ride!

Work: A pretty good day. A lot of technical things, but all forward progress. I wish the days were 75 hours long but life goes on.

Art: No.

Screenwriting: A little bit.

Projects: A horror filmmaker from the 80’s and 90’s is a fan and wants to work on a project together. That brightened my day.

Minutia: I spend most of my time either making content, corralling the content providers for this site to make content, or doing the behind the scenes stuff to make the content possible and it never fails. People cast aside all that work and focus on one statement I make about a painful bullshit situation. The whole “build a hundred bridges” thing. People whining to each other in private does no good. If folks have a problem with me, come to me. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding. Maybe one of us needs to adjust. But if you don’t address it properly it only worsens.

Activity: The rigors of life.

Shrink’s Chair: Jeremy Slater, a fellow who used to write here and has since gone on to make a career as a screenwriter in Hollywood called me a piece of shit out of the blue in a public place my relatives and co-workers read. A myriad of things could have prompted it. Something I said. Chemical imbalance. Self loathing. I dunno. It’s just funny to be called something like that when anyone who knows me now would call me the exact opposite. That West Coast casts a really weird glow on folks sometimes.

Asshole of the Day: The aforementioned fellow who has made more money in the past three years than I have in my whole life and still feels compelled to waste his and my time.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Low key. Enjoying the kids, working, and building motivation to get back into the grind on Monday.

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