casEvery now and again life feels like a satire. Take for instance the fact that there’s an Emily the Strange film now in development. That may not seem so weird until you realize that this is possible the first film based only on an image – the character of Emily didn’t start out in books or comics but rather on t-shirts and stickers.

You can buy all sorts of Emily products at your local Hot Topic, but of course to do so you would have to go into your local Hot Topic, and that would mark you as an awful, awful asshole crying out for extermination. Soon you’ll also be able to buy an Emily graphic novel from Dark Horse, who are also considering licensing the bowel movement I made this morning. I think it would look nice on drink coasters and shoelaces.

Fox has optioned the property, and the film will be a mixture of live action and animation. Nobody knows what the story will be, since there’s no real story attached to a picture on a t-shirt.

I have to run now – I’m going to be optioning the Shep Fairey "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" stencil for an epic trilogy of films.

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