I love it when our old-school scoopers dig up a good story.

Latino Review dug up the identity of the “mysterious Superman female lead” that’s been bugging geeks for a good 24 hours now.

It’s Ursa.

Which really sheds an intriguing light on the old rumor that General Zod would be the Big Bad.  At this point, we still don’t know, but if you have Ursa…well. Zack Snyder has denied Zod is the villain, but there have also been rewrites and misdirection.

It also explains why the actress would be of European origin, as Sarah Douglas quite famously played her in Superman II. Plus, bad girls always have to have posh accents. It’s just the way it is.

And yes, Lois Lane will be in the film.  Latino Review reported earlier this week that Olivia Wilde had screen tested, so she will probably be American and brunette.  According to LR’s source, “Superman without Lois Lane is like Batman without Alfred” so fear not. There will be a plucky feminist reporter lovin’ that jaw of Henry Cavill’s.

Now go wild talking about this. I don’t remember which CHUD reader out there actually threw Ursa out as a bit of speculation, but you pat yourself on the back! Right now.

But a huge cheer for Latino Review. I love those guys.