Win a Copy of Elk’s Run # 1!

Things went incredibly well with the Red Sonja contest.  We received tons of responses and got some great feedback about the column (more trades, more Marvel, more small press and just “more” led the charge). So look for the Warrior-Scribes to integrate those comments soon with more Marvel (check out our most recent column HERE), more small press and the strong likelihood of a bi-weekly all trade column in addition to the weekly one.  We’re receptive to your ideas and certainly want to make sure we reward our readers from time to time with some neat swag.

To that end…no sooner than our first contest ends, the second begins.

The good folk over at Hoarse and Buggy Productions have donated fifteen copies of the first issue of Elk’s Run to be given out to the Viking faithful. Elk’s Run #1 is one of the most surprising reads of the year so far – a suspenseful and intelligent character-driven story about a mysterious and depressed town that no one ever leaves… that no one can leave (READ OUR REVIEW OF ISSUE ONE HERE). If you’re a fan of Stephen king’s earlier work, Elk’s Run is a must read.

Issue two is set to be released soon, and the third issue is being solicited in Previews now. So now is the perfect time to get on board with what will undoubtedly be one of the better mini-series this year. To learn more about the series go to

For a chance to win a copy of Elk’s Run #1 shoot me an email at and answer these questions:

1. Is there a comic book out there that we haven’t reviewed that you think is deserving of attention? If so, please let us know what it is – we’re always looking for quality stuff to promote.

2. How can we breathe some life into the comic book message boards (RIGHT HERE)?

Of course, I always want to hear what comments, suggestions, criticisms and complaints you have about the column. And don’t forget to include your address!! (Believe it or not, three people forgot from the last contest.)