dasI really enjoyed Master & Commander, but knowing that it was less than a box office success, I never questioned why there hasn’t been a sequel. But maybe Billy Boyd, one time hobbit and sailing man on the HMS Surprise, hasn’t been let in on the film’s gross. He tells The Hollywood News:

There are like 21 books of Master and Commander, and Fox already own the ship so a lot of people, I think were confused as to why there hasn’t been a sequel yet. We’ll just have to wait and see. There is talk of it and Peter Weir said that I won’t die in the next one, but he said I will die in the third one. So I’ve still got another movie, and then I’ve got a death scene! So great! I do hope they make some more as I had great fun making that film.

And we had great fun watching it. Those of us who did. But with a 150 million dollar budget and less than a hundred million returned domestically (and a total of 210 counting all international), it just doesn’t seem like a sequel – which usually earns less than the original – would make a lot of sense to the bean counters.

But hey, I’m here rooting for 20 more of these things.

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