With The Grudge and Boogeyman keeping their pockets lined, Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures continues to steamroll through the modest-budget horror genre, and their latest production Rise has snagged more actors in the gears.

Tasty treat Carla Gugino, who so graciously displayed her rather astonishing curves in Sin City, has joined the ranks of the film, currently lensing in Los Angeles.  Also on board are James D’Arcy (Master and Commander) and seemingly immortal character actor Mako, who so long ago narrated the adventures of an infamous barbarian.

The tale of posthumous revenge stars Lucy Liu as a recently deceased and relatively pissed (but still sexy) investigative reporter seeking bloody vengeance on the cult who killed her.  Michael Chiklis plays a detective also on the trail of these same sickos, who are responsible for the murder of his daughter.

In addition, cinematographer John Toll (Braveheart, The Last Samurai, The Thin Red Line) is shooting the thing, which leads me to believe it’ll look, y’know, reasonably good.  The flick comes from writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez, who also wrote Gothika and the upcoming SNAKES ON A PLANE (which is neither capitalized nor still the title, but that’s what I’m calling it now and forever).

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