Hey, if you’ve been gearing something like a half dozen tentpole motion pictures to lead into one majorly epic crossover event, you too would find every chance to start shoving its name in everywhere. When you’ve got a character who is so flamboyantly self-explanatory as Captain America, why the fuck not use it as a chance to get your key verb out in front of the public. Of course, there might be some silly fools who see this…

…and think a dirty superhero is going to be involved in a one-word-verb-titled flick like Crash or Splash.

Anyway. Marvel is finally planting the seeds for The Avengers proper and paying off a week’s worth of leaked/scanned Captain America pictures with a full one-sheet. I think it’s pretty slick, though between the generated dirt of this poster and the generated sparks of the last one I wrote up, I’m beginning to think poster designers fear negative space. (Fast Five sure don’t!**).

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**Whether WD40 thinks I’m using the term correctly or not.