Jason Statham is back for more homoerotic action (come on, even the director thought the first one was pretty gay, and he’s French) in The Transporter 2, although this time he really seems to be more of a chauffeur.

Retired from the parcel delivery business, ex-military operative Frank Martin has relocated to Miami where he spends his days shuttling a rich couple’s kid around.  When the boy is kidnapped, Frank sets out to retrieve him.  Faces are kicked, vehicles are driven at startling velocity, things occasionally explode, a machinegun-toting chick in lingerie shoots people, and numerous opportunities for Statham to remove his shirt no doubt present themselves, possibly with some sort of lubrication involved.

The movie, again directed by Louis Leterrier (Unleashed) and Corey Yuen (So Close), also features the great Keith David, hottie Amber Valletta, several Europeans and holy shit, Matthew Modine, star of Vision Quest and Funky Monkey!


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