February 3

Media: The Adjustment Bureau.

Music: The Moog Cookbook, Bartell.

Comedy: Doug Stanhope, From Across the Street.

Food/Drink: Rather disappointing Chinese food, and then a Cuban wrap that was also disappointing. Loads of coffee and a Newcastle rounded it out. No cigars after the Prohibition the night before. That was enough.

Family: Just about zero.

Friends: Other than the delights at the office, I was able to take John Makarewicz to the movie with me and then grab a bite. Was nice.

Work: I reviewed Dying God! What more do you want? Actually, I made some nice progress on some of my Guy.com stuff and began formulating ideas for how to make the next video podcast even more loony.

Art: No.

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: Nope.

Minutia: I think the “virus” that’s been plaguing the boards is gone. Not the figurative one. That one left in the fall. This one seems to have stemmed from a specific ad unit and whether it’s real or not (I keep hearing folks say it’s a false positive), I think it’s gone. It’s been two days since the change and no complaints.

Activity: Therapeutic screams in my car. Anyone else do this? Just fucking let it rip and scream like those martial artists who stun with their yells. From the bottom of the diaphragm? Try it sometime. It’s like taking a big shit. The world’s a better place afterward.

Shrink’s Chair: When other sites rip us and then totally emulate us, it pleases me.

Asshole of the Day: Bitch on the phone driving slower than Paul Muni, almost made us late for the movie.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Friday. Just another day when you write on the web.

The Day’s Rating: