casPaul Giamatti and Mike Mignola have finally teamed up as the thespian has agreed to voice the lead character in the Sci-Fi Channel cartoon version of Amazing Screw-On Head.

The comic, which I haven’t read but have been told is quite great, is about a Civil War era secret agent who works directly for Abe Lincoln. He never made it into the history books, but Screw On Head did some great work for his country, often thanks to the fact that he can screw his head onto a variety of bodies.

Giamatti isn’t the only voice cast – David Hyde Pierce returns to Mignola world as Emperor Zombie, Molly Shannon plays Patience the Vampire and funnyman Patton Oswalt is Mr. Groin. What a great name.

This, of course, is just a pilot, but it seems that SciFi would have to be even stupider than I thought (and having perused their program listings I think they’re pretty stupid) to not pick this show up with that kind of talent.