Once again I’m back in San Francisco thanks to EA, who has me settled in comfortably at the Soiftel hotel down the street from their headquarters. It’s weird how from one trip here I feel like I know the whole place.

Just got back to my room from drinking a Heineken at the bar, once again looking for any familiar faces and finding none. I was sitting next to an Australian gentleman at the bar who was on the phone and from the sound of things making more money during that phone call than I have in my entire life.

I’d like to take this moment to say a big F you to American Airlines, who has the most ridiculous meal policy out of any airline I’ve flown. I understand that you have to pay for a meal wherever you go anywhere nowadays, but when you only have 6 sandwiches (each of an amazing 3 varieties!) for an entire plane, something’s wrong. Especially when it’s a 6 hour flight. Not that my big ass can’t do without some food, but come on. Looks like your only chance of eating on their planes is to bring something aboard with you or be seated in rows “1” or “2”.

To make things worse they showed P.S. I Love You on the flight. It’s like they want us to hate them.

But tomorrow’s once again going to be an awesome day, where I’ll check out Battlefield: Bad Company and give you guys all the dirty details. I’ll also be getting an interview with a producer from the game. I’m hoping for good things, because that Beta has sucked up many of my hours. But we shall see!

Then Saturday I’ll be trying to recover from my redeye flight and grabbing as much coverage of the NY Comic Con as I possibly can… including a look at a new, previously unannounced Marvel game. Don’t know when I can spill the details on it… but I’m excited. There’s plenty of other cool things there including a ton of panels for movies like Hellboy 2, The Incredible Hulk, The Spirit, and even Wall-E, so it’s going to be a fun time. Anyway, till then…