I have to admit, Dark Shadows is looking better and better by the day.

According to Deadline, the unearthly Eva Green has joined the cast as Angelique Bouchard Collins, the nastiest, sexiest, and most colorful female of the Shadows cast.

Angelique wanted Barnabas. She wanted him bad.  And he liked her just fine until Josette showed up and fluttered her eyes, and then Angelique was dropped like a stone.  Of course she went evil.

She was really the character I wanted to be, but also loved to hate. Perhaps I’ve said too much.

Green is perfect. Just perfect.  Many actresses inspire a healthy amount of girl hate, but Green is one of those that’s so unbelievable sexy, gorgeous, and eerie that as a woman, I just have to admire her. I can’t hate her.    I want to, but I just have to admire what nature did.

Men probably have a very different reaction ….

But if you were going to pick a woman who could believably drive Johnny Depp to the brink of agony, madness, and into the realm of the damned … well, it would be Eva Green.   Between Green and Jackie Earle Haley, this film is steadily climbing up my “want to see” list. Depending who they else they nab — especially for the all important role of Josette/Maggie — this may become one of my most anticipated.